How does Watofo work?

WaToFo wants to help chefs to make their business more visible to people and simplify the way of searching for their services.
However, WaToFo does not provide private chef, catering or food delivery services directly in any way. Instead it provides a listing of private chefs websites and social pages with their services. No more time wasted for searching chef services around the web.

1. Browse
Start by exploring the list of chefs available in the main page. Open their profile and read their description and get even more information by clicking on their own website or instagram profile.

2. Book
Once you have found a profile that matches what you are looking for, you can contact the chef directly and receive more information and eventually agree a date, menu and price. Watofo does not have fees in the process so you pay the actual chef price.

3. Enjoy
You’re all set! Wait for the private chef to come to your place to cook and serve your special dining experience.

Contact Us.

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