10 Reasons to hire a Private Chef

Benefits of hiring a personal chef for a home experience

1. Enjoy your evening and relax

One of the reasons to hire a chef for a dinner party is that you can actually enjoy the evening and time with your guests with no other worries. There's nothing worse than having friends at home and not being able to spend time with them because busy in cooking, cleaning serving and...being frustrated! You only need to choose the menu and then you can finally relax, sit at the table and enjoy your guests, the private chef will take care of the rest!

2. Forget about washing dishes and doing the clean up

Let's tell us the truth...nobody loves washing dishes and cleaning up after the mess created during meal preparation! But you don't really have to worry about this anymore, in fact one of the main benefits included in hiring a personal chef is also that you have a person that will actually take care of your dishes and kitchen. Keep heaving fun on your dinner and just worry of enjoying the food.

3. New Experiences taking Cooking Lessons

Having friends around is always great but it is not always easy to find time and inspiration for new experiences together. Having a chef cooking at home can be definitely a new experience to do with friends and why not spicy it up learning new techniques and have a great fun with a personalized experience? Cooking lessons with a professional chef can be a great idea to spend some good time with friends, have some laugh and great food.

4. Privacy and comfort in home dining.

Going out to eat is usually fun, but you always have to worry about driving and find a parking that is not always available. You also need to reserve in advance and wait for your table and your favourite restaurant may not always have the availability. With a home dinner you can enjoy the beautiness of fine restaurant in the comfort and intimacy of your own home.

5. No need to look for a babysitter

Why to worry of not being able to meet friends or going to the restaurants anymore because you need to look after your children? You cannot find a babysitter? Forget all of this having a perfect restaurant experience with your friends just in your own home. You can have fun, have good food and look after your children at the same time and without any worry!

6.Save Time

Preparation for a dinner party with friends can take a lot of time, from several hours or even a couple of days. Most people forget that food preparations for dinner parties can begin hours or even days in advance of the event. Usually, that would mean the host might have to take a day off work or spend a lot of time in the kitchen before welcoming their guests. If you decide to invest in the talents hiring a private chef for your dinner party, we can assure you your investment will be worth it. You’ll be sure to enjoy the occasion just as much as any other dinner party attendee.

7. Save Money

We are all happy that we can save time, but why stop there when we can also save money thanks to personal chef services? In reality the cost to hire a chef is not that expensive as it can look like. In many cases they are much more cost effective than dining out. Think about it, how much money you spend in transport either a cab or petrol, parking and if you have kids most probably also a baby sitter fee. Without counting the cost of wine and/or cocktails, in fact at home you have the ability to serve your own selection of wines and cocktails without paying huge markups.

8. Celebrations

Running out of ideas how to surprise your loved one for the anniversary? Do you want to give a special gift for a friend birthday? Running a party and don't know where to start from? Well, these special occasions are a one of the top reason to hire a private chef. Keep the stress away from you and make a special gift and enjoy great food and service with your guests for your special occasion.

9. Meal Prep Boxes

Maybe you are not a fun of cooking like me. Cooking everyday may also be stressing and require a lot of time. Yet you may run out of food recipes ideas and become repetitive. A private chef can come to your place and prepare a meal for your entire family for all the week, customize the menu and give a different option every time for a high quality experience for all the week. Other private chefs prepare weekly meals that can be either delivered at your home or you can pick up directly yourself. You have all the choices you look for, no more excuses!

10. Quality ingredients for each meal

Have you ever wonder, when you go to a restaurant or you order something at home through one of the many delivery app currently available, what is actually in your food? There is no real ability to know the ingredients used for your meal neither if you dine out nor if you order it. And this can be even more scary if you have food allergies! Hiring a private chef make sure that they use high quality ingredients in your meals, you can also follow the cooking process if you wish so that you always have everything in control. Can you ask more?